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Lead Generation Factory

Global Data Factory is an International Lead generation factory, based in India  maintains Targeted Contact List Building throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North & South America. We are the best  Performance of Data service provider in Asian countries. Global Data Factory combines 6+ years of Lead Generation expertise with the latest technology and practices to meet our clients need.

Global Data Factory provides our clients a broad range of leads and customized Data Solutions. With experienced and dedicated team members, we meet our clients need at global level.

Global Data Factory combines marketing strategy and creative capabilities for integrated and comprehensive campaigns that deliver sure shot results from time to time. From lead generation, to win-back and retention campaigns, we are purpose-built to help companies acquire new customers, deepen existing relationships and optimize sales team performance.

Lead generation factory Data service Global Data factory


Our clients come from a wide range of industries including Event service, Advertising and Marketing, Manufacturing, Technology and IT Services, Energy, Supply Chain, Construction, Oil and Gas, Pharma, Automotive, Higher Education, Finance, Retail, Telecom and more. We work with international companies , with our work acting as a white-label extension of our clients’ brand.

Many of our clients are interested in domestic growth and others are focused on export markets. We are well positioned to meet both business requirements, with Top-of-Funnel(TOFU) being a common priority of many of our Sales Lead Generation Campaigns.

Data service provider in Asian countries from industries such as Construction, Finance, Higher Education, Insurance, Publishing, Information Technology, Retail, Telecom, Real Estate, Pharma, Aviation, Oil and Energy, Automotive, Food and Beverages, Supply Chain and many other sectors GLOBALLY.

Lead generation factory Data service Global data factory

Targeted Contact List Building

Targeted contact lists are built based on custom-specific parameters like Geography, Industry Type, Job Title and Company Name.

Give us the business lead criteria and we will tell you what your potential marketing universe is. You will know how many companies fit that description. We will give you a clear picture of the business leads and business opportunity with your target audience.

For our email list building services, you just need to give us specifications and the type of contacts you are looking for.

Lead generation factory Data service Global Data Factory

List Append Services

With Organizational Structure transforming frequently, keeping track of changing titles and job roles is a challenge. We always analyses and give you the current data of various titles in an existing or old database and increase marketing campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Lead generation factory Data service Global Data Factory

Quick Support & Consistent Submission

If you are ever worried that processing, analyzing and acquiring the perfect lead data is really troublesome, then we are here for you always! Apart from that, we also offer a range of other IT services so that you can bring everything under a single roof to manage your business and evacuate complexity! Global Data Factory assures Timely Support, Data accuracy and Consistent Submissions.

Lead generation factory Data service Global Data Factory

Top Grade Security

Global Data Factory jobs are to collect the Legal Persons Name, Job Title, Official Mail ID and Official Contact Number. We hardly research any personal data.

Global Data Factory is taking GDPR as an opportunity to implement better data management practices which will help us establish and maintain trust with our clients present in EU.

Lead generation factory Data service Global Data Factory